They’ve hidden so well that to find it it took me half the morning. I speak of the grave of Father Gabriele Amorth, who is buried in a cemetery. The Society of St. Paul – the religious congregation to which Don Gabriele belonged – declined to indicate which cemetery is home to the most famous exorcist tomb of the world disappeared in September 2016. It did very well. There is a risk (real in my opinion) that some Satanist – or presumed – may outrage. And then there’s always the danger of some lunatic ready to do anything to have a moment of glory. So better not to say anything.

And this solution has worked. So much so that even I to find the cemetery took me a lot. It ‘been a long search.

When it comes to Don Amorth there is always the risk of raising a hornet’s nest. For example, some malicious calls me also another explanation (on the border with the fantasy) to the issue of the graveyard: You do not say how the cemetery is buried Fr. Amorth to avoid a long and interrupted goings on his grave. So it took to avoid those attitudes from “saint now”. Also because – still the same mischievous tells me – where Don Gabriele has practiced for over 40 years (in the house Pauline on Christopher Columbus in Rome) there was also a church and perhaps the most logical solution would be to bury him inside.

But they are just gossips. And then we know that the reality is always different from one as you imagine it. Then imagine how things go when it comes to someone who has fought against the devil for life.

We return to our grave. After a long search finally found the cemetery that interests me. It’s gigantic. I do not know who to ask for information and then decide to find the grave of Father Gabriel alone. After about three hours I can not find it. I call a friend and thanks to a video call directs me more or less in the affected area (extended almost like a city district).

02 tomba amorth0

Once you have found the rest of stone. The excitement of having found his old friend disappears immediately. I look at this large sarcophagus ( in the pictures that I show you a preview taken from the short film on Fr. Amorth we come up ) and I shudder. The tomb contains 12 deceased religious of the Society of St. Paul . And Don Amorth  is buried along with his 11 brothers.

The thing that saddens me very much (to Don Gabriele I love him very much) it is the total lack of care for the grave. A tomb surrounded by weeds, dirt and insects. Located next to a rickety iron net. In complete anonymity. In utter desolation (of course it is not the fault of the Society of St. Paul ).

But the dignity of cemeteries who is responsible?

I almost cried.

Sad fate for those who, here on earth, has scaccaiato the Devil.




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